Renewing the tradition

    Drusian's farm

    The drusian family has been producing wine for three generations and owns 80 hectares of vineyards. The winery is situated in the heart of valdobbiadene.

    A real passion and a course along the tradition leave us two treasures: the fine and delicate cartizze and the fresh and sparkling valdobbiadene superiore prosecco docg.

    Carefullness for details and dedication during every steps of vinification makes the wine rich in fragrances and precious aromatic nuances.

    The secret, hedged between these wonderful hills, is simple. It is based not only on the love and respect for the work, the environment and the land, but also on the consensus of people keen on wine that , with their satisfaction, pay off all efforts.

    The Winemaker

    Mr. Francesco Drusian’s thought is to consider the quality of his wine as the pure expression of the grapes. This is the reason why he takes care of every single bunch of grapes and decreases all the technical impacts.

    The harvest is done totally by hand and the grape’s pressing  is light and soft to preserve the structure of the must.